Reactive Rescue - $425.00 (Incl GST)

Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs or strangers when he’s on leash? Does he have trouble coping in new environments? Are you afraid to take him on walks because you’re not sure what he might do? Is your dog fearful, aggressive or reactive? This class is designed for dogs who have fear reactivity and aggression issues. Understand the underlying causes of your dog’s behaviour and learn how to build confidence in both of you. Using positive training techniques and proper management, teach your dog appropriate behaviours so that you can both feel safe and confident in changing environments. If you are looking assistance with reactive and aggressive dog training in Calgary then Reactive Rescue is the class for you.

Duration is 6 weeks, each class is an hour and a half and is limited to 4 dogs. This is a very involved, highly sought-after course that provides you with 9 hours of training with Tina Sarantis, Certified Behaviour Consultant and Certified Professional Trainer, with years of experience in working with dog aggression, fear and anxiety, giving you the tools needed to cope, manage and prevent unpleasant outbursts from your dog and get your life back!

Upcoming Class Dates:​​​​​​

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 - 6:30pm FULL

Tuesday, February 20th - 6:30pm

Reactive Rescue Graduates Olive, Rupert and Kobe feeling good about life!

Reactive and aggressive dog training in Calgary

​ Our highly skilled canine behaviour experts provide solutions for reactive and aggressive dog training in Calgary. 

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