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It can be a fun and exciting time when a puppy joins your family but it can also be challenging and you will likely have a lot of questions. Join our puppy training classes and we will provide you with support, advice, education, positive and fun experiences with your puppy. We will set you and your puppy off on the right paw in our comprehensive, well structured puppy training classes.

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Canine Minds and Manners offers specialized puppy training classes in Calgary. Proper training and socialization at an early age are crucial for ensuring that puppies grow up to be well-behaved and happy dogs. Canine Minds and Manners classes:

  1. Are taught by Certified Professional Trainers: Having certified trainers and skilled assistants is essential for providing quality education to both puppies and their owners. It ensures that the trainers have a deep understanding of dog behaviour and effective training techniques.
  2. Training methods: We use positive reinforcement methods and management strategies based on learning theory principles to encourage the behaviours you want to see from your dog while also building a strong bond of trust and understanding.
  3. Class Structure: Puppy training classes are structured to provide assistance, solutions, socialization, and skills. This holistic approach is excellent because it focuses on not just obedience but also the overall well-being of the puppy.
  4. Class Duration: The 6-week duration is a common and effective length for puppy training classes. It allows for consistent learning and practice over time, which is crucial for reinforcement.
  5. Time per Class: 45-minute classes strike a balance between keeping puppies engaged and not overwhelming them with long sessions. It's crucial for maintaining their attention and enthusiasm.
  6. Reputation: Canine Minds and Manners is the most trusted name in Calgary for dog and puppy training and canine behaviour modification.

Our Calgary puppy training classes are designed for puppies 10-22 weeks of age, having had their second set of shots. Your puppy must start classes by no later than 16 weeks old. Please register early as classes fill very quickly.

Need some help before you start classes? Check out our 'Puppy Welcome Home' private session offering.

Please note: the classes starting on November 20 will conclude January 8, 2024. There are no classes Dec 25, 2023 or Jan 1, 2024

*REFUND POLICY: We will refund 50% if you cancel with more than 7 days notice before your start date. There are no refunds if you cancel within less than 7 days of your start date.

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