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Our basic obedience dog training class is taught by Certified Professional Dog Trainers and covers all the skills neeed for a well behaved dog. Effective dog obedience training is crucial for a harmonious relationship between dogs and their owners. Our approach is focused on building a strong bond and while having fun training!

The 6-week program, one-hour each week, is a comprehensive and well-structured training program. It allows for consistent and gradual learning, which can be particularly beneficial for adolescent dogs, newly adopted pets, or even for experienced dog owners who want to refresh their skills.

Understanding and addressing a dog's behaviour is a critical aspect of training, as it leads to better communication and cooperation between dogs and their owners. Building confidence in both the dog and the handler helps create a strong, trusting partnership so they can navigate through life together. Dogs thrive when they feel like an integral part of their human family, and proper training plays a significant role in achieving that connection.

This class is for dogs who are comfortable being with other dogs and people. If your dog barks and lunges at the sight or sounds of other dogs or people please register for Reactive Rescue.

Please note: the classes starting on November 20 will conclude January 8, 2024. There are no classes Dec 25, 2023 or Jan 1, 2024

*REFUND POLICY: We will refund 50% if you cancel with more than 7 days notice before your start date. There are no refunds if you cancel within less than 7 days of your start date.

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July 25th 2024 at 7:30 PM

You'll Learn

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Manners and obedience

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Relationship building

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Understand your dog's behaviour