Canine Minds and Manners is a member of  The Pet Professional Guild.  The PPG is a membership organization representing pet industry professionals who are committed to results based, science based force-free training and pet care.  Pet Professional Guild Members Understand Force-Free to mean: No Shock, No Pain, No Choke, No Fear, No Physical Force,  No Compulsion Based Methods are employed to train or care for a pet. We take our membership in this association very seriously and in doing so Canine Minds and Manners trainers are stewards of the science based, result based force-free message, philosophy and training practices. Our dog training and puppy training classes in Calgary reflect this philosophy.

Private Training

Dog training and puppy training classes in Calgary

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Please contact us at 403-813-5879 or email to learn how our expertise in dog aggression, reactivity and anxiety as well as our dog training and puppy training classes in Calgary can benefit you.

Specialty Classes

Kirsten helped us out with our rescue dog Charlie. She is very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of good instruction. Charlie is now more manageable when going for walks and meeting other dogs which makes our time outside more enjoyable. Thanks Kirsten for your kindness and help!

– Alana

Kirsten was very good with both me and my dog, teaching us both a LOT during the Tails on Trails class that we took with her and the private sessions we did. The thing that impressed me the most about Kirsten was her follow up. She emailed me the homework to me and highlighted the areas that we needed to focus on. She was really wonderful to work with, and I will definitely continue to call her for help and advice in the future.

– Jenn and Mo

Group Classes

Canine Minds and Manners Professional Dog Training Calgary is dedicated to humane, effective dog  training and puppy training classes in Calgary. Our dog training classes are fun, rewarding, safe and provide you with the foundations for a happy, well behaved dog who is a pleasure to live with and welcome everywhere.


Canine Minds and Manners - Dog training and puppy training classes in Calgary.

Our dog training and puppy training classes are family friendly and will teach you and your dog the skills so that you can have a canine companion that you can feel proud to take anywhere.

  • Dog aggression 
  • Reactivity
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Outdoor Classes 
  • Advanced classes


Dog training and puppy training classes don’t always suit everyone's schedule or needs, that’s where private dog training sessions can help. In our sessions you get:

  • Relief from problem behaviours.
  • Certified professional trainers
  • A package customized to your goals.

Welcome to Canine Minds and Manners Calgary Dog Training 

Dog aggression, reactivity and anxiety solutions. Dog training and puppy training classes in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a Certified Professional Trainer and Certified Behaviour Consultant - Canine.

We believe in thinking differently about how we live with our companion animals, in challenging the traditional ways of looking at life with your dog. We believe that a well-mannered dog that you can happily live with is not a dream but a reality.  Join us and learn how to really enjoy life with your wonderful family pet. This is why our dog training and puppy training classes in Calgary focus on skills that you will need in real life.

Dog training and puppy training classes in Calgary

  • Dog behaviour
  • Indoor and outdoor dog training classes
  • Reactivity and dog aggression solutions