Carol George

Rachel has completed the 'dog training foundations' course through KPA and is currently enrolled in the shelter training course. Rachael is working towards gaining her CPDT.
Rachael has worked with dogs for the past 14 years; starting at a boarding facility in Montreal and then into a dog daycare. Working with dogs is my passion so it feels natural to expand my knowledge by becoming a certified trainer.

Kristi’s passion for training developed when she was volunteering as a dog walker at the Calgary Humane Society. She was troubled by how many young healthy dogs were being surrendered due to a lack of socialization and obedience skills. Those dogs were also difficult to adopt into new homes, and Kristi wanted to help them succeed. Kristi went through Calgary Humane’s Dog Training Apprenticeship Program and was later invited to join the training team. She went on to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a level six Tellington TTouch student, and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.

Tina Sarantis, CBCC, CPDT-KA,

Tellington Touch Practioner

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Behaviour Consultant - Canine, Tina is able to combine a unique skill set offering a non-judgmental, positive approach to every situation. She is also a Certified Practitioner in Tellington TTouch for Companion Animals and has been able to combine these techniques with her training and behaviour work resulting in successful solutions to behaviour problems, and a better understanding between people and their dogs. 

Calgary's Dog Training Experts

Rachel Myers

Kristi Berlin, CPDT-KA, Tellington Touch Practitioner

Kirsten Rose, CBCC, CPDT-KSA, KPA

We believe in the family and the family dog.  We believe that living comfortably and safely with your pet is a reality, not a dream.  We believe in  living and working with our pets as a partnership, through cooperation, understanding and science based methods.  Our team is here to show you how.

Kirsten Rose is 15 year veteran in animal behavioural sciences and training and completed her apprenticeship with the Calgary Humane Society as well as the behaviour and training program through the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. She is a Certified Behaviour Consultant – Canid and Professional Dog Trainer specializing in behavioural issues such as fear and aggression. Kirsten is a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and The Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals. Kirsten is passionate about understanding canid behaviour and learning to co-exist both with our domestic dogs and their wild canid cousins. She works tirelessly teaching not only about domestic dog behaviour but also about the behaviour of coyote and the wolf and how we can co-exist with these wonderful animals without fear and use of lethal methods. Kirsten is the Alberta Representative for Coyote Watch Canada and Wolf Matters.

Carol volunteered for years with The Calgary Humane Society as a dog walker, Stress buster and Behaviour Buddy, and has attended a year long canine behaviour and handling program, as well as pursuing further knowledge through seminars with well known trainers such as Nicole Wilde, Trish King, Suzanne Clothier and Grisha Stewart.  She also has an interest in new principles and protocols such as BAT and Tellington Touch, which has allowed her to help her own reactive dog overcome his fears as well as to help others to understand their dog’s behaviours.

Carol is working toward getting her CPDT designation.