Shannon has always loved dogs, and became interested in dog learning and behaviour while fostering with a local rescue. She is fascinated with the science behind behaviour and learning, and the working relationship between humans and their dogs. Shannon loves nerdy dog talk and thinks that one of the best parts of working with dogs and their humans is making the science behind dog training accessible and applicable.
She is lucky to share her home with Cricket and Ranger, two high energy herding dogs who are always up for adventure.  Shannon is  Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and certified in Pet First Aid with Walks N Wags.

Kirsten Rose, CBCC, CPDT-KSA, KPA

We believe in the family and the family dog.  We believe that living comfortably and safely with your pet is a reality, not a dream.  We believe in  living and working with our pets as a partnership, through cooperation, understanding and science based methods.  Our team is here to show you how.

Kirsten Rose is 25 year veteran in animal behavioural sciences and training and completed her apprenticeship with the Calgary Humane Society as well as the behaviour and training program through the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. She is a Certified Behaviour Consultant – Canine and Certified Professional Dog Trainer specializing in behavioural issues such as fear and aggression. Kirsten completed the Aggression in Dogs Master Course and the L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Mediation Professional Course.  Kirsten is the Alberta Representative and Wolf Matters.

Tina Sarantis, CBCC, CPDT-KA,

Tellington Touch Practioner

Kelly volunteered with the Calgary Humane Society as a dog walker for a number of years, and has a Master of Education degree in Adult Education from the University of Calgary. Kelly spent her teenage and young-adult years working with horses; she trained an ex-racehorse for dressage and jumping, and she also taught horseback riding lessons. 

After adopting a reactive dog, Kelly immersed herself in learning about canine behaviour and positive reinforcement training. She volunteered with Canine Minds and Manners in 2017, and is eager to further her education by taking formal classes and seminars related to dog training.

Kelly believes that people and their dogs can work and learn together best in an environment that is safe and supportive, and that builds on the strengths of each human-canine team. She truly enjoys seeing people build trusting, cooperative relationships with their dogs.

Kelly is an assistant trainer at our Polite Puppies and Good Dogs Have More Fun classes.

Melissa has been passionate about dogs her whole life.  Unable to have a dog as a young kid, she spent her time reading books about dog breeds and animals.  Despite not having her own dog her childhood memories are still full of them.  She started asking to take neighbourhood dogs for walks when she was 8 years old and did this every day for years!  
Melissa got her first family dog in 2008.  He is a fearful yorkie named Aiko.  Aiko has taught her so much about fearful dogs and how they behave.  She now has her own pets, a wonderful Portuguese Water Dog named Maya, a young Doberman named Jango and a black cat named Felix.  Maya and Jango go everywhere with Melissa and are the perfect adventure buddies!
Melissa has worked a variety of jobs with dogs including at a doggie daycare and with a rescue.  She has been working as a dog walker and sitter since 2013.  Her goal is to gain knowledge and experience in dog training that she can apply to her job and use everyday with her own dogs!  Melissa is a Certified Professional Trainer, CPDT-KA. 

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Behaviour Consultant - Canine, Tina is able to combine a unique skill set offering a non-judgmental, positive approach to every situation. She is also a Certified Practitioner in Tellington TTouch for Companion Animals and has been able to combine these techniques with her training and behaviour work resulting in successful solutions to behaviour problems, and a better understanding between people and their dogs. 

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