Good Dogs Have More Fun Outdoors! $180.00 (incl GST)


Let's get outdoors and soak up that Vitamin D while having fun with our dogs.  We've got Good Dog Have More Fun outdoor style! This is a 4 week version of our regular Good Dogs Have More Fun class.  It will take place at a park in SE Calgary.  The class will have no more than 6 dogs and social distancing will be critical and we will be strict in maintaining this.  Trainers will regularly sanitize their hands and any leashes that they touch will be sanitized.  Class will cover:

Loose Leash Walking
Leave It
Drop It

AND much more, all in the great outdoors.

Next class dates:
Tuesday, June 30th 6:30pm FULL
Tuesday, June 30th 7:45pm FULL
Thursday, July 9 6:30pm FULL
Thursday, July 9 7:45pm
Tuesday, Aug 4th 6:30pm


Private Sessions 

We are absolutely committed to you and your dogs. We are still offering limited face to face* in-home sessions as well as online assistance for private sessions.

We can help with:

Basic Manners
Polite Greetings (no more jumping up to say hello)
Potty training issues
Loose leash walking (no more pulling on leash
Children and dogs
Separation Anxiety
Isolation Distress
Dog aggression 

Your session will be specifically tailored to meet your needs.  We will walk you through training exercises with patience, understanding and knowledge.  With years of experience amongst our qualified, certified, professional trainers and behaviour consultants we can give you the help that you need to be successful with your dog and build a lasting, positive relationship with your dog.  

*​Note: At this time we are still offering limited face to face, in home training sessions depending on if the session can be done outside or social distance can be maintained. However, as the situation continues to change, we may need to do all one on one sessions online. If you have an in-home session currently booked with us or would like to book, we will keep in touch as we continue to monitor the situation.  

More Online Training Coming Soon

Manners and More! Manners - obedience, mental stimulation, tricks and more!

Kids and Dogs!  - Keep ‘em Busy so you can get stuff done -- A fun program where kids can learn to train and play with their dogs learning valuable skills while tiring them both out!

Check back for dates and Times!

We pride ourselves on being there for our clients and their dogs. With the current COVID 19 emergency some of our indoor group classes remain suspended but we are offering small in person puppy classes. We are still here offering solutions and support for all your dog and puppy training needs online as well as outdoors.  Scroll down for our online offerings, outdoor classes, private training information and links to a variety of information to support you and your best friend.  Stayed tuned – we have much more on the way!

Online puppy classes, outdoor group classes, face to face* and online private training support as well as videos, downloads and articles for all your dog and puppy training needs!

Kirsten 403-816-5629

Fun Ideas and Videos for Ongoing Training

​We believe that dog training and puppy training can and should be fun for everyone!  You and your dog are always learning about one another and there is no better way to learn and build a relationship built on trust than through play.  We have free downloads and videos with amazing and fun ideas for training through play with your dog.  Stay tuned for more videos to be uploaded!

Polite Puppies - Paws to Connect - $150.00 (incl GST)


We've got you covered!  Puppies are learning 24/7 so we are offering you online live training classes.  This class will focus on:


  • Socialization
  • Potty Training
  • Mouthing and Biting
  • Kids and Dogs
  • Boundary Games 
  • LL walking
  • Recall
  • Drop it
  • Handling
  • Specific socialization homework will be given each week to help you puppy grow into a happy, calm and well-adjusted dog.


Polite Puppies - Paws to Connect is a 6 week class, 30-45 minutes online Class may go 10-15 mins longer depending on the amount of questions. Please allow extra time at the end of class so you don't miss out on valuable information.  


June 20th 11am - FULL

At this time we do not have further dates scheduled, however if you are interested in the online class please contact us CONTACT